Starting Out

“Where do I start?” is a common question and a dilemma we all face in so many areas of our lives.

Sometimes it can be easier to put off your decision for another time. The same is true for most people when they set out to plan their financial future. The good old ‘too hard basket’ comes into play again!

Whether it be:

  • Embarking on an exercise regime to lose a few kilos,
  • Deciding where to go on that world trip of a lifetime,
  • Deciding where to educate your kids, or
  • Trying to decide what the next car should be.

How we can help

Solutions to all of the above decisions could be reached by utilising a strategic approach. At Strategic Planning Solutions, as our name suggests, we pride ourselves by providing high quality Strategic Advice (please follow link for a full explanation). In reality, many of our life’s decisions have financial implications. Therefore, making decisions pertaining to your lifestyle goals could be assisted by utilising an approach which helps you understand the future financial implications of the present spending decisions you are trying to make. Once the implications are known, you can prioritise, modify, delay or delete your lifestyle goals, if they were going to have a negative impact on your financial future and, hence, your lifestyle.

It’s all about Planning Solutions for Life!

Our planning approach or process is summarised in the following acronym: PASSPORT. Your financial Passport is a crucial part of solving the issues surrounding the “Where do I start?” question.

Once your strategy is built around your financial and lifestyle goals and objectives, we will be in a position to make the appropriate services and product recommendations. We have access to services and products to meet the following advice areas which may be useful to clients at the beginning of their financial journey, namely:

We look forward to helping you make a start on your financial journey. We are also here to help those who have made a start and either haven’t kept it going or did so without a clear and measurable strategy.

Please contact us today to arrange a time to discuss your situation so we can help you make a start!