Your Financial PASSPORT

Our philosophy is to help business owners maximise the probability of achieving their personal financial and lifestyle goals and dreams. Being an SME (Small Business Enterprise) ourselves, we passionately believe that the business should serve, enhance and reward the owners personal lifestyle and not the other way around. We can assist you to utilise the cash flow of the business to build, diversify and protect your personal wealth. We aim to help you reduce the dependency on the income you have to work for, enabling you to have the option to retire and support the lifestyle to you desire.

Your Financial PASSPORT is key to receiving sound and appropriate Strategic Advice.

P Position – where are you now? We need to gather detailed knowledge of your current situation
A Aspirations and time – where do you want to be and when? Your financial and lifestyle goals: What, when and the cost $?
S Structures and how to own assets, who will administer your assets – super vs non-super, direct vs indirect ownership, individual vs joint vs trusts vs company, platforms, SMSF and banking?
P Portfolio and product – the complete portfolio (budgeting, cash flow, insurance, investments and estate planning)
O Overall implementation – Recommendations and actions to help achieve your goals, including administration, forms, cash flow movements and service cost and delivery
R Risk and expectation management – ‘reasonableness’ check, overall risks, what risks may come from recommendations, what will prevent the achievement of your goals and aspirations
T Tracking – checking, reporting and accountability. Ongoing review and adjustment of your strategy over time as your circumstances, goals, economic conditions, and legislation change. Keeping your ‘Financial House’ in order year-in and year-out

All you need now is your own Financial PASSPORT! So why not contact us now to arrange a time to meet to discuss your current circumstances and how we may be able to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.