Personal Risk Planning

A tailored personal risk protection strategy underpins and complements any financial strategy that you may embark upon and can provide you ‘money when you need it most’. Planning for unforeseen events will allow you freedom of choice and the ability to protect your assets, sustain your investment portfolios and continue the attainment of your lifestyle goals.

Many of us recognise the importance of covering our assets in the event of premature death, especially when we take out a mortgage or other liabilities. However, most people overlook the pressure that can be placed on your financial position due to illness or injury. For example, being unable to work due to illness or injury can place a large strain on your finances, making it difficult to meet regular living expenses, let alone continuing an investment strategy and/or a debt reduction strategy. Similarly, suffering a medical complaint such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, major surgery or paralysis is traumatic without adding the financial pressure for medical care and family assistance.

So comprehensive strategic advice should address the following insurance cover :

  • Death cover and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)?
  • Income protection
  • Trauma insurance
  • Business expenses (for business owners)
  • General insurance (for car, home and contents)*

We at Strategic Planning Solutions are not only equipped to assist you in determining your needs, but also matching your needs with the appropriate insurance cover.

It’s all about peace of mind!

* We can refer you to a General Insurance specialist if required.