What our Clients Say about us

We contracted Business Health to conduct a survey of our clients. Our aim was to anonymously obtain their honest opinions on how we are performing in nine key performance categories.

We achieved top quartile ratings in seven of the nine Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and outperformed the national benchmark in all nine of these areas.

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General Client Comments:

  • Michael Coorey and his team provide an outstanding level of customer service. My wife and I are particularly pleased to be dealing with such a personable and knowledgeable financial adviser.
  • It’s a great company. The fact that it is small and you only deal with a couple of people makes it hugely appealing to me. Michael and Deanna work extremely hard for me and make me feel that I am their only customer. I really like this level of personal involvement. The advice so far has been spot on. While they don’t pressure me to do anything they do make it very clear that if I don’t choose to follow their advice, I can’t expect to achieve the results I want, and they follow through to see that I am doing what I should. This did not happen with previous advisers.
  • Michael has a great team working with/for him and we are comfortable in being able to talk to any one of them in Michael’s absence. He has excellent communication with his regular emails and newsletters and even calls from time to time to touch base. Overall we are extremely happy with Michael’s service and professionalism.
  • Michael and his staff always have a very nice professional attitude and always have the answers to any questions. They use all avenues of support at their disposal to always get the best results for myself and my wife. They can come for a holiday anytime, its only 900 kms to home and 900 back.
  • Very happy with my adviser and team. The strategy used fits my lifestyle, goals and expectations very nicely. I feel comfortable in approaching my adviser/team when any query or question arises. I trust my adviser.
  • Michael & Deanna continue to provide top quality service in a very friendly and personal way making us feel extremely comfortable and confident about our future. Thank you! We continue to recommend their services to friends.
  • Excellent service. Very happy with the financial adviser and the staff 10/10.
  • Very supportive during (financial) crisis.
  • We have been extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and service provided by Michael Coorey and his team.


How well do you believe your Adviser understands your personal financial needs?

  • (Michael is) very friendly and personable and shows interest.
  • I have absolute confidence in Michael and staff and a friendly relaxed relationship.

Business Relationship

How comfortable do you feel talking about your financial needs? What is the level of trust between yourself and your Adviser?

  • Very comfortable.
  • Michael understands the financial situation and we have a high level of trust in him and his team.

Financial Knowledge

What level of technical knowledge do you believe your Adviser has in relation to your financial needs? This includes the knowledge contained within the practice, and its network of associates?

  • Michael may not carry it all in is head but is prompt in tracking down information as required.
  • Done all the degrees & attends many seminars.

Implementation of Solutions

How well do you believe your Adviser has followed through and implemented solutions to your financial needs? This may include the time taken to implement a solution, the process that was followed, and whether you received what you expected?

  • Michael and his team make every effort to follow through on requests and suggestions to get fast results.
  • Regarding my retirement my Super it was all worked out for me in just a few days. Expected nothing better.

Standard of Support Staff

How do you rate the standard of the support staff in terms of professionalism, dependability and courteousness?

  • Very courteous, prompt, cheerful.
  • It’s a small family business which is what makes it so appealing. You only deal with a couple of people and it’s so much more personal than a big company.

Financial Review Process

How well does your Adviser keep up to date with your changing financial needs? Do they regularly ask for details on your changing circumstances and update you on whether you are achieving your financial and personal goals?

  • Always. Every six months or so they check up.
  • Every 12 months we review my pension and financial needs.


What is the standard of communication you receive from your Adviser regarding relevance, quality and frequency of communication, including letters, newsletters, telephone calls, seminars etc?

  • Have not had cause to complain about promptness and relevance of communication.
  • Adviser always follows up via email, phone. Always prompt with communication.