Transitioning to Retirement

You are still working despite having reached Preservation Age (the age at which you could access your super if you were retired – 55, if you were born before 1 July 1960) and you are quickly heading towards the end of your working life. It’s now time to think about how you can maximise your retirement savings, in particular, your superannuation accumulation. This transition to retirement phase of your life may well be your last chance to boost your retirement saving.

At Strategic Planning Solutions, our role is to advise you on the necessary steps required to build your retirement savings. Our Strategic Advice approach ensures that you end up with a tailored financial solution.

In planning for your transition to retirement take into account such variables as:

  • Your existing income,
  • Your lifestyle expenditure requirements,
  • Your existing assets, and
  • The age at which you would like to retire.

IfAnother important issue to consider when planning for your transition to retirement includes your Estate Planning. Will the wealth in your estate go to who you want, when you want, in a tax effective manner?

Ongoing Review and Management

After implementing appropriate strategies, it is most important that your manage your personal cash flow, as you will be potentially dealing with your last dollars. This is where our ‘Personal Cash Flow Management’ service, can help you remain on track and give you peace of mind knowing that your in control of your finances during your retirement years.

If you would like take some positive steps towards planning for your retirement, or if you would like to see where your current course is heading from a financial perspective, please contact us today to arrange a time to meet.