Business Owners

Our philosophy is to help business owners maximise the probability of achieving their personal financial and lifestyle goals and dreams. Being an SME (Small Business Enterprise) ourselves, we passionately believe that the business should serve, enhance and reward the owners personal lifestyle and not the other way around. We can assist you to utilise the cash flow of the business to build, diversify and protect your personal wealth. We aim to help you reduce the dependency on the income you have to work for, enabling you to have the option to retire and support the lifestyle to you desire.

As a business owner, Strategic Planning Solutions is able to help you in a variety of areas such as:

  • Investment Advice – How do you utilise your cash flow to make wise investment decisions to diversify your investment in your own business? Do you have a view to building a portfolio with other investment assets which may ultimately provide you with the choice of replacing the need to work in your business to generate an income to fund your lifestyle?
  • Personal Cashflow Management – As a business owner you will certainly understand the importance of managing your cash flow, but do you do it at home?
  • Superannuation Advice – both for you personally and for your employees.
  • Asset Protection – Is there a wall between your assets and potential creditors and predators?
  • Business Succession Planning – Have you planned for the smooth continuation and success of your business beyond yourself or your partners?
  • Estate Planning – Will your hard earned wealth be passed on to your loved ones in tax-effective and protected manner?

Please contact us today to arrange a time to meet to discuss how we may assist you and your business in relation to the abovementioned areas.